Brooke (jedasunrider) wrote in gop_vigilence,

Asshat award #1

the first 'official' asshat award to the easiet target I could find:
Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church

As per custom: some innapropriate quotes will follow below:

"If you got to castrate your miserable self with a piece of rusty barb wire, do it."

"Hear the word of the LORD, America, fag-enablers are worse than the fags themselves, and will be punished in the everlasting lake of fire!"

"You telling these miserable, Hell-bound, bath house-wallowing, anal-copulating fags that God loves them!? You have bats in the belfry!"

"American Veterans are to blame for the fag takeover of this nation. They have the power in their political lobby to influence the zeitgeist, get the fags out of the military, and back in the closet where they belong!"

"Not only is homosexuality a sin, but anyone who supports fags is just as guilty as they are. You are both worthy of death."

WEEEE! doesn't he sound like someone who took gods commandment of 'love thy neighbor' to heart!

I've posted about him and his website ( is actually down at this moment in time...but is worth checking can see the mirror site here: before. He is one of the most offensive peole I can think of, and his views are terribly scewed.

you can also see his other website: where you can get an even better image of this man. he makes such touching comments as "God destroyed the WTC to punish America! Deal with it!"

I have actually never met this man before, despite my attendance of many pride parades. I really, really do want to see him in person at some point in my life. I feel like he can't possibly exist....that no one can be that hateful and that dum at the same time.
What really scares me are his cronies though- he has roped whole families- even children! - into his cause. This is something that makes me want to act. The second he comes to within 50 miles of me...i'm going to counterprotest. I think after seeing these guys should do the same.
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