Brooke (jedasunrider) wrote in gop_vigilence,

new memer! w00t!

1. LJ name: Jedasunrider
2. Age: 20
3. Location: currently clevelans (CWRU)
4. Favorite Book/s: Everything I need to know in life I learned in knidergarden, Stargirl
5. Favorite Movies: Garden State, Star Wars, LOTR
6. Favorite Music/groups: Blue Man group
7. Party/Political Affiliation: leftish
8. A brief explanation as to where and/or when you first discovered that Ann Coulter or Bill O'Riely or Sean Hannity or Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh etc. were crazy/stupid/insane/evil/unbelievable and so on.

well...most of what I will be doing in this community is copying and pasting information that I post on my personal LJ....where I do something called the 'asshat awards'. pretty much I use google and nexis to rant about the religous right. I'm glad this community exists, and I welcome you guys to friend me, but know that it will mostly be the same stuff that I post here.
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